One of Rebecca’s favorite institutions, The San Francisco Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the 4th oldest (oldest in the West) humane society in the United States and the founders of the No-Kill movement. The SFSPCA has always been in the front lines when it comes to animal welfare. Today, the it is an animal shelter, a spay/neuter clinic, adoption center and a full-service public animal hospital.


We imagine a community where every animal has a loving home. Where animals don’t need the support of San Francisco’s rescues and shelters. And we know how to get there.


The SFSPCA was founded on April 18, 1868 by a banker named James Sloan Hutchinson. He intervened in the inhumane behavior of two men against a squealing boar. The incident inspired Hutchinson to call together a group of fellow humanitarians, 15 to be exact, leading to the foundation of what is now known as The San Francisco SPCA.


No Kill Movement

The history of no-kill goes back more than half a century ago when independent civilians began the shelter and rescue of homeless animals fully intent on keeping them alive. This was in reaction to most humane societies and government animal control services of the time whose standard operating procedure was to kill stray and abandoned animals. In the early 1990s, there was a radical example set by Richard Avanzino, then president of The San Francisco SPCA, to reverse a 100-year policy of traditional methods in handling unwanted strays, by establishing a working model between the SPCA and animal control to save animals’ lives. In a nutshell, The SFSPCA will keep any cat or dog under its roof until a home is found for it. The only time an animal will be euthanized is if it is determined to be suffering medically or behaviorally.This model made San Francisco the first “no-kill city” in the United States.

Vision 2020

In 2012, the SF SPCA created Vision 2020—a road map to end animal abandonment in San Francisco by 2020. By addressing the 3 key issues in animal homelessness, SFSPCA aims to make San Francisco the first city in the nation to end animal homelessness.

Overpopulation Prevention

Through, free/low-cost spay-neuter, comprehensive behavior services,charity veterinary care, expanded trap-neuter-return, The SFSPCA seek to stop overpopulation at the source.

Barriers to Vet Care and Pet behavior Issues Rescue

The SFSPCA will rescue every healthy, adoptable and medically treatable pets by increasing adoptions, expanding foster programs and most importantly, exposing puppy mills. We can expect high-volume adoptions, post-adoption support, comprehensive veterinary care and increased foster and hospice programs.


The SF SPCA will provide information and support to San Francisco to encourage advocacy; therefore creating the next generation of animal advocates. After-school and summer programs, animal assisted therapy training, visitation programs and an advocacy department that identifies critical animal welfare issues are all set in motion.

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